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How to choose the right media tour

You know your client needs coverage with a media tour. Now, what’s the next step? Sorting through all of the different options can be overwhelming when you want to make sure you get stellar results.

When a client contacts us about a future tour, we listen carefully to their needs then guide them towards the option that best suits their needs. We are also constantly adjusting our tours to reflect current client needs. What worked 10 years ago doesn’t necessarily work today. Our industry has changed, and it’s our job to keep up with the changes.

Each tour has its own unique benefits depending on the client’s ultimate goal.

  • Virtual Media Tour - Virtual Media Tours have become increasingly popular because they reduce the amount of travel for the spokesperson, the production staff, and the client. We can produce a full morning of 25 or more back-to-back interviews with the team spread out over five or more states. VMTs use technology like Skype and Zoom to send signals back to a control room before that signal is distributed to media outlets across the country.

  • Satellite Media Tour - Satellite Media Tours are a tried and true public relations technique that KEF has used for the last 35 years. An SMT embeds a spokesperson in target markets across the U.S. using satellite and internet technologies. Local news is still a powerful way to share information about your brand or client. With successful SMTs, you’re able to establish your client as an expert and create more brand awareness.

  • Customized Media Day - Customized Media Days are an option when a client has five or more hours of celebrite time. The options here are almost limitless and can include a combination of a satellite media tour, live stream sit-down interviews, or live in-studio interviews. The goal is to maximize the time with your A-lister.

  • Radio Media Tour - Radio is everywhere at all times. We recommend Radio Media Tours for a faster and cost-effective way of getting your message on a network, major market, and target market radio program. Producers are always eager to book prime spots!

  • Internet Media Tour - Internet Media Tours connect your client with major news websites and niche bloggers. These days, a web and digital component of a PR campaign is critical for success.

  • Guaranteed Market Tour - A Guaranteed Market Tour optimizes your campaign by generating coverage in any TV marketing in the United States. This is a great option if you have specific markets to target (for example, if your chain restaurant is only in certain cities in the United States).

  • Integrated Taped Tour - An Integrated Taped Tour is a new alternative to Co-Op Media Tours. The biggest change is that an ITT showcases only your client. No more sharing screen time with multiple brands. An ITT is an affordable option to minimize the competition for air time.

  • Podcast Tour - Almost any client can benefit from a podcast tour. There are podcasts on almost every single topic. Podcasts can reach niche audiences, often have longer shelf lives than traditional media interviews, and may result in longer, more meaningful interviews.

  • Guaranteed Demo Tactics - With Guaranteed Demo Tactics, we drill down to reach an exact audience. This is a very different approach from a Satellite Media Tour or Virtual Media Tour where the goal is to cast a wide net. The content we produce is distributed to targeted outlets that are an exact match for your client or brand.

With any media tour, we always include detailed reporting so you can measure the results. Ready to get started? Contact us for an intro call. Brainstorming is always free.