Guaranteed Demo Tactics

Sometimes in PR we need to cast a wide net and get as many eyeballs on our client’s messaging as possible, but other times the success is defined by reaching very specific audience. With Guaranteed Demo Tactics (GDTs), there is no guessing. We drill down to find your EXACT viewer/listener/reader across media platforms.

Guaranteed Demo Tactics include four different media options.

Network Affiliate TV – 60-second segments air adjacent to local morning show newscasts on network affiliates in your selected markets.

Over-The-Top (OTT) viewing or streaming content – 30-second content that reaches anyone that watches tv shows, sports, movies, etc. via streaming with devices such as smart TVs, Roku or Amazon Fire Sticks. OTT is only shown to targeted audiences in your selected categories and airs prior to selected program viewers select and is unskippable.

Video/Print Matte Features – 400-600 word written feature/video placed on websites and in local publications. Can be targeted by state or by specific markets.

Customized Radio News Releases – 60-second audio story can be targeted by region, state or specific market.

Specific targeting varies on the platforms, but targeting categories include:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Zip Code

  • Homes with children

  • Education level

  • Interests

Simple and scalable. Contact us for a customized plan to guarantee your success.