Guaranteed Market Tour

“Paid” is no longer taboo in public relations so we’ve developed the Guaranteed Market Tour, which optimizes your marketing campaigns by generating local television coverage in any TV market in the U.S. This tactic is perfect if you have specific markets to target.

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The GMT is a local market publicity campaign that is scalable based on your needs and budget. The cost can rage from $7,000 for a couple of markets to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s ideal for promoting travel destinations, restaurants, and retail clients who are trying to reach consumers in specific cities.

How does it work? A spokesperson, celebrity, or expert is recorded in an appropriate setting where he or she presents your messaging. A third party lends credibility to these one minute segments, which air adjacent to local newscasts in the morning day part.

All GMTs come with an Audio News Release and Daily Buzz segment for a 29 million audience minimum plus the local market airing audience. Let us help your branded content drive engagement and ROI.

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Television markets of your choice

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The Daily Buzz on Daily Flash

Guaranteed audience of 4 million

Audio News Release

Audio News Release Placement

Guaranteed Audience of 25 million