Integrated Taped Tour

An Integrated Taped Tour (ITT) is an alternative to a Co-Op Media Tour. It’s one that showcases your client and your client alone — at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Satellite Media Tour.

This new tactic was developed to fill a huge void that exists between a brand’s desire to focus only on their product and their budget. The ITT fills that void with an affordable option.

It’s no secret that the quality of traditional Co-Op tours has declined, with multiple products making segments commercial, fighting for very little airtime and sharing that brief three or four-minute-long spotlight with others. The only upside and appeal of a Co-Op is the cost savings AND the pre-arranged talent.

Think of an ITT as a mini Satellite Media Tour with a Co-Op budget.

A New Alternative to Co-op Media Tours

Tactic Benefits

1. Your Brand Receives Spotlight

When it comes to good media attention, no one wants to share the spotlight or have their messaging twisted to match that of another brand. With the Integrated Media Tour, you’ll no longer receive a report littered with highlights of your brand receiving only a sporadic mention lasting just a few short seconds. Instead of the spokesperson working to weave the messaging of several brands together and trying to remember multiple brand names, he or she will focus only on your brand or product to effectively convey the messages that are important to you… resulting in a quality interview that lacks the commercial feel of a Co-Op.

2. Budget Friendly

“Champagne taste on a beer budget” is real and it happens in the world of PR every day. Your clients come to you with ideas of grandeur and look to you to secure media results with limited resources. Or they love your ideas on a media plan, but only give you half of the budget you need to accomplish it. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone! At a reduced rate from a standalone SMT, utilizing an ITT can save literally thousands of dollars.

3. Time & Talent Restrictions Eliminated

How many times have you been presented with the task of securing media coverage with only an internal spokesperson or a very limited amount of spokesperson availability? We know the feeling.

With an Integrated Media Tour, time, talent choice, and even location, is on your side. Our team can record an ITT in the span of a few production hours, typically either early morning or mid-afternoon. Plus, since there are no satellite windows to hit, we can be flexible. The ITT was created to produce segments for broadcast in a tight time frame.

We can record soundbites with your preferred on-camera talent (or ours) via Skype or Zoom. After the interview, we combine soundbites with b-roll of your product and stock footage to create segments for broadcast. Then, we send out the taped segments to media outlets. It’s simple, effective, and budget-friendly.