What is an Integrated Taped Tour (ITT)?

KEF Media is always looking for ways to deliver the best results for our clients while providing relevant and useful content to the media. Now, there is a new tactic that’s a great option for tight budgets and deadlines called the Integrated Taped Tour (ITT).

Integrated Taped Tours are an alternative to Co-Op Media Tours. Co-Op Media Tours were a great option for some of our clients, but the quality has declined in recent years. Segments often felt very “commercial” with multiple products, there was a fight for very little airtime, and it was difficult to share the brief three to four minute spotlight with others.

When we started to develop ITTs, we wanted to keep some of the benefits of Co-Op Tours, like cost-savings, but also come up with solutions for some of the problems. With an ITT, only one client is front and center of broadcast segments, the cost is only a fraction of the cost of Satellite Media Tours, and there is a lot of flexibility to spotlight your message.

How does an Integrated Taped Tour work?

With an ITT, your brand and your story are integrated within local morning news and lifestyle programs.

We record soundbites with your preferred on-camera talent (or ours) via Skype or Zoom. After the interview, we combine soundbites with b-roll of your product and stock footage to create segments for broadcast. Then, we send out the taped segments to media outlets. It’s simple, effective, and budget-friendly.

Benefits of an Integrated Taped Tour (ITT)

An Integrated Taped Tour offers more flexibility than a traditional Co-Op Tour. Here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Time Restriction Eliminated. Are you in a time crunch? That’s no problem for KEF Media. We can create an ITT with as little as a week’s notice. We understand that several different factors play into your timeline, including spokesperson availability, so we will work around your schedule, your deadlines, and your budget. Our team can record an ITT in the span of a few production hours, typically either early morning or mid-afternoon. Plus, since there are no satellite windows to hit, we can be flexible. The ITT was created to produce segments for broadcast in a tight time frame.

  2. Budget-friendly. Do you or your client have a big idea but very few resources? An ITT is a budget-friendly option that still delivers on lofty goals. Costs for a standalone Satellite Media Tour can add up and we understand it is not the best option for every client. Because we can record the tour in a smaller time frame, an Integrated Taped Tour saves on production time, staff, and talent.

  3. Your brand gets the spotlight. Co-Op tours were tricky because clients often had to share the spotlight with other brands. An ITT offers exclusive media attention on a single product. Your message is front and center, with no competition. Because the segment is taped, we can pick the best sound bites from the talent or spokesperson to make sure your brand really shines.

Contact us for an Integrated Taped Tour if you’re ready to get your brand or business in front of the right audience. KEF Media has the expertise to execute and develop customized media tour solutions that lead to big public relations wins. Our goal is to always provide honest counsel so we can best serve our clients’ needs.