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Looking To Expand Your Audience Reach? No Problem! KEF Media Offers Options for Bilingual Tours

Some of the largest target markets in the country — like New York and Los Angeles — also contain the largest Spanish-speaking populations in the United States. Around 13% of people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home.

Although Spanish-speaking content may seem to be an afterthought for most brands, there are signs of inclusivity. Governments are offering documents and other materials in both English and Spanish. Businesses are offering customer service in Spanish. Other organizations are creating content to specifically support the Spanish-speaking population.

However, not just any media company understands Spanish broadcast trends. KEF Media has developed tight-knit relationships with Spanish media as well as Spanish-media personalities and knows how to execute Spanish-speaking tours.

From our experience, we recommend the following tour options for bilingual tours:

  • Guaranteed Market Tours - In most cases, Guaranteed Market Tours can be a great option for Spanish-speaking media tours. Guaranteed Market Tours (GMTs) allow your client to target very specific markets, especially the largest markets in the country. Plus, all GMTs come with an Audio News Release and Daily Buzz segment, if desired.

  • Satellite Media Tours - Satellite Media Tours already reach a large audience, but we can make that audience even wider with a bilingual option. This is a great, effective way to reach a segment of the target audience that may otherwise miss a brand’s message.

Audio News Releases or Radio Media Tours are also great options to expand your audience reach with Spanish media. No matter which option you choose, keep in mind that businesses have the capability to create a feeling of belonging. Your client’s brand can create that sense of belonging by being intentional about reaching bilingual audiences in unique and creative ways.

Bilingual content of every kind is not just a trend. By 2050, one in three people in the United States will speak Spanish, including those who also speak English.

If you’re ready to plan your bilingual media tour, contact KEF Media to get started. We keep your goals in mind from start to finish, creating a custom solution that fits your needs.