Audio News Release (ANR)

An Audio News Release (ANR) offers an easy, efficient and economical way to pre-package and place your messages in target radio markets.

ANRs typically run 60 seconds, with shorter and longer packages also available. Packages generally air adjacent to regular newscasts. Results are guaranteed because ANRs are a secured media offering.

KEF Media produces, packages and distributes the ANR. We handle the process from the ideation to the final results.

ANRs can be produced as a voiceover only package, or a voiceover including a spokesperson soundbite. Our creative team of writers handles the scripting, then records the voiceover artist, and spokesperson soundbite. Once the package is approved, we handle all distribution and reporting.

ANR offerings range from a broad footprint to a very targeted footprint. We've worked with our partners on ANRs that reach state and market specific audiences, as well as demographic specific audiences, including Urban, Spanish-speaking, LGBTQ and Asian-American. We have the ability to penetrate typically difficult-to-reach markets.

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