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Examples of Satellite Media Tours

Satellite Media Tours take all shapes and sizes and it’s no surprise. After all, there is no “one size fits all” solution for getting the right message to the right audience. Still, sometimes it’s helpful to see examples of successful Satellite Media Tours to have an understanding of the strategy behind each approach.

Example #1: Holiday Entertaining

When a global PR agency wanted to boost sales of Navel oranges, they partnered with KEF Media to showcase simple, flavorful recipes during a popular cooking time — the holiday season.

The campaign went a step further and promoted a Twitter watch party for the holiday classic “Elf.” Our goal was to push the message of adding “zest” and reducing stress during the holiday season. To do this, our objective was to secure 26-30 TV interviews, specifically in Columbus and California.

With this tour, the look and feel of the studio was key. We identified several options with our initial proposal so the client knew the backdrop would complement their brand image. We also found the right food stylist so no detail was left uncovered.

On the day of the tour, clients reviewed the tour remotely via our virtual green room and provided live feedback on the day of the tour for strong messaging results that helped make the project a win.

The results? TV interviews in top markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, and one happy client who told us, “We’re looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate soon!”

You can read the full case study and results in our case study.

Example #2: Thursday Night Football Kickoff

A major entertainment platform asked KEF Media to execute a Satellite Media Tour to celebrate the return of a Thursday Night Football broadcast. There was another important aspect to the story: this marked the return of the first and only female sports broadcasting duo.

We produced the Satellite Media Tour with the spokespeople in two different locations: one in Stamford, Connecticut and the other in New York City. We arranged for one spokesperson to handle the morning interviews and while the other prepared for afternoon videos. We were able to bring the signal from Stanford into the NYC control room, consolidating the interviews in one place. The Seattle-based client used a virtual greenroom to provide live feedback to talent.

The overall goal was to book 25 interviews in quality markets and to drive awareness for the new season of Thursday Night Football — and that’s exactly what we delivered. We booked 25 TV, radio, and online interviews in top markets.

For full results and how we helped raise awareness for Thursday Night Football, read about our strategic approach.

At KEF Media, we work to customize every tour to fit the needs of our client. If you’re ready to discuss your next Satellite Media Tour, do not hesitate to contact us.