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Why Choose an Integrated Taped Tour Over a Co-Op Media Tour

If you’re familiar with media tours, then you’ve probably heard of a Co-op Media Tour. It’s traditionally a cost-effective solution to showcase a brand or client’s product or service on local and national TV, radio, digital platforms, and more.

Some would say the multi-brand segments are what make a Co-op Tour cost-effective. In most cases, Co-op Media Tours spotlight three or four brands within one segment. It can often be a gamble whether or not all brands in a Co-op Tour get equal attention within the three or four-minute-long interview.

At KEF Media, our goal is to always make sure our clients get the best bang for their buck. We came up with another solution: Integrated Taped Tours (ITT). An Integrated Taped Tour showcases only one client at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Satellite Media Tour. This tactic allows our team to produce segments for broadcast in a tight time frame.

Integrated Taped Tour vs. Co-op Tour

How does an Integrated Taped Tour compare with a Co-op Tour?

  1. With an ITT, the client owns the tour. There is no chance of cancellation if another brand backs out. There is also no waiting on other brands and clients to secure a tour.

  2. An ITT is a tactic that’s available any time. With a Co-op Media Tour, clients often have to schedule around other brands. Since ITTs involve only one brand at a time, there is much more flexibility around scheduling.

  3. An ITT provides a strong ROI with 20 local market placements plus value added national placements. You have an idea of the results before the tour even begins.

We like to think of an Integrated Taped Tour as a mini Satellite Media Tour with a Co-op budget. An ITT can happen within a few production hours – either in-studio or remote. The KEF Media Team can use various virtual recording platforms to interview a client's desired spokesperson. Then, we combine soundbites with approved b-roll to create broadcast segments for our media partners.

A new alternative to Co-op Media Tours

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We pride ourselves on offering clients innovative solutions that actually drive results. Because an ITT involves no sharing and no stress, it’s a no-brainer. Contact us to start planning your next tour today.