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TV is Evolving: Here's What Type of Interviews Producers Want

When a pitch email lands in a newsroom inbox, it needs to be eye-catching and the opportunity should be unique. A b-flat pitch and dull spokesperson is not going to cut it with modern media outlets.

No matter if it’s an on-location, remote, in-studio or virtual tour, getting creative with the set/background is what will set your project apart and make for engaging TV. Broadcast news, whether TV or Online, is still a critical part of your PR strategy, so you want to make sure you are checking all the boxes to best showcase your news. KEF Media recently worked with a client who showcased menu items utilizing a restaurant backdrop. What could be better than taking viewers to the spot and immersing them in the atmosphere?

The right spokesperson is tremendously important as well. Make the pitch interesting - what does the spokesperson have to offer? Use the chef that cooks up those scrumptious dishes or the person that crafted and created the product you want to sell.

Get creative with your spokesperson. Retail outlets typically have great relationships with celebrities and athletes, and that may be the perfect spokesperson for a media tour. It’s important to maximize the time with the spokesperson as well, and if that time is limited, KEF Media offers options to amplify that time. We can interview your spokesperson for five minutes, gather additional video, then put together a package that’s shared with media outlets. This technique allows you to get a stronger ROI, plus it’s extremely efficient.

KEF Media can build a set anywhere, whether it’s for a Satellite Media Tour or a Virtual Media Tour, and we can do so with a relatively small footprint and without causing business disruption. Check out one of our latest articles on how we can make your set stand-out for a media tour, and when you’re ready, contact KEF Media. We have 36 years of experience helping brands stand out from the competition. Brainstorming is always free!