Examples of Stand-out sets for Media Tours

When it comes to media tours, the last thing you want to do is blend in. Whether your next tour is at a remote location or in-studio, taking the set to the next level is critical to standing out — and it happens to be an area where KEF Media excels.

Below are a few examples of stand-out sets created for media tours that captured audience attention and took the tour far beyond standard.

Example 1: Holiday Tour

Is there anything more appropriate for a food-related media tour than a beautiful kitchen? We worked with the client to find the perfect studio location to show off simple, flavorful dishes. Then, we stepped up the game with a food stylist who made sure no detail was missed. The result: a crisp, clean yet inviting look perfect for encouraging holiday entertaining.

KEF - Amazon Glow3.jpg

Example 2: Pet Store Tour

Pet stores are already an interesting setting for a media tour, but with a little creativity, they can become even more attractive. We’ve helped one of our clients with multiple sets that always look different based on the message. Searching for the perfect gift for furry friends? We created a set that was not only festive, but highlighted some of the best products for gift-giving. Need to share tips and tricks on how to take care of cherished pets? Get the experts involved with a hands-on setup.

image002 (3).jpg

Example 3: Tailgate Tour

When a major retail outlet wanted to plan a tour celebrating the start of football season, it only made sense to create a set mimicking one of the best parts of football games — the tailgate! From the grill to the tent to coolers, this set was so complete that a viewer would never be able to tell it’s set up in the middle of an empty parking lot.

KEF - Tailgate2.jpg

Bottom line: we can build a set anywhere, whether it’s for a Satellite Media Tour or a Virtual Media Tour, and we can do so with a relatively small footprint and without causing business disruption. When you’re ready to create your next stand-out set, contact KEF Media. We have 36 years of experience helping brands stand out from the competition.