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Planning for holiday media tours: 3 rules to follow

Believe it or not — we are already in the middle of the holiday season. With Mother’s Day and Memorial Day under our belt in May, we can look ahead to one holiday after another for almost the remainder of the year.

Just take a look at the calendar…

June: Father’s Day

July: 4th of July

August: Back to School

September: Labor Day

October: Halloween

November: Thanksgiving

December: Christmas

Is anyone else exhausted yet? With one holiday on top of another, how is it possible to get ahead? We’ve helped companies of all sizes showcase their clients during every holiday. Here are our tips to getting ahead now, so the rest of the year is not in a tailspin:

  1. Start planning early. We always recommend planning ahead, when possible. For Satellite Media Tours, we typically start planning about six weeks before the start of the tour so we can ensure all of the details are buttoned up prior to launch day. However, we know early timelines are not always possible. That’s why we’ve developed multiple tactics, so you can choose the best option for you and your client, no matter how much time you have to plan ahead.

  2. Differentiate your client. Media tours around any holiday can start to feel stale. Of course Father’s Day will typically include tips for grilling or the best gifts for Dad. Start to think about how you can separate your client and offer something unique. It’s also best to get a head start so you aren’t competing against too many other companies or products. We can help pitch your client early, so the message stands out.

  3. Be ready to pivot. If we learned anything during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that PR stands not for Public Relations, but for “Pivot Rapidly.” Whether it’s a spike in cases, travel plans thwarted or delayed, or an out-of-pocket spokesperson, there is likely at least one obstacle ahead when you’re planning for holiday media tours. That’s why we recommend working with a trusted partner. We worked quickly to problem solve for a client during a recent holiday Satellite Media Tour. Between reducing the on-site team to production staff only and quickly trying to find a new food stylist, KEF Media worked around potential problems and delivered higher than expected results.

Similar to holiday shopping, preparing for a media tour in advance is likely to save you more money. When you’re ready to start planning for the next holiday (or for the remaining holidays in 2022), contact KEF Media. With more than 35 years of experience, we know how to make your client stand out when it matters most.