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Benefits of Satellite Media Tours

When it’s time to get the message out about your product or service, there are more options than ever before. You can use a number of social media platforms, YouTube, a press release or press conference, or a webinar. Or you could choose a Satellite Media Tour. Satellite Media Tours build excitement, gain exposure, and cast a wide net of awareness over a brand’s product or service.

Satellite Media Tours are a great option to get the point across, get the right information out, and deliver a customized message to people across the country.

Benefits of Satellite Media Tours

Here are four major benefits of Satellite Media Tours:

  1. Convenience - Within a small amount of time, you can conduct 25+ interviews in locations all across the country from one location. Via satellite feed, millions of people see your message. Interviews with each local station typically last a few minutes. Generally, we are able to conduct all of the interviews within a four to five hour window.
  2. Personalized, direct message - Your spokesperson has the opportunity to personalize a message for each city during a Satellite Media Tour. Market-specific content resonates with viewers better than a generic ad that’s used in all 50 states. There is also more control of the message. We’ve noticed that most local media outlets ask the questions provided, giving the brand more control of the information going out to audiences.
  3. Authenticity - One of the hardest things for a brand to achieve is authenticity. More than ever, audiences want to really trust a brand before they consider a product or service. Satellite Media Tours are a great platform to be authentic, especially when you have the right spokesperson. Subject matter experts tend to build stronger connections with audiences, getting you the best results.
  4. Cost effective – Reaching millions of people within a very short time period can really get you bang for your buck. Conducting dozens of interviews within a few hours instead of over a few days, you’re also saving on labor and technology costs.

Local news is still a powerful way to share information about your brand. When SMTs are successful, you’re able to establish your client as an expert and create more awareness around their brand.

Trying to decide where to conduct a Satellite Media Tour? We explain the pros and cons of using a studio versus a remote location.

To maximize the benefits of a Satellite Media Tour, work with a media partner that you trust. With more than 35 years of experience, KEF Media is a partner with the experience you need. We handle every aspect of Satellite Media Tours, including inevitable last minute changes that always pop up. Contact us today to start planning your next tour!