On-site or studio media tours

Location or Studio for Satellite Media Tours?

When planning a satellite media tour, there are a lot of things to consider but perhaps the most important is its location. We often produce tours in studios, but my personal preference is a location that reflects the client’s message whenever possible.

If you watch local television news, note how the anchors are in the studio but the reporters are on the scene of whatever news is being reported. Since TV newscasts are the primary target for many tours we produce on behalf of our agency and corporate clients, I believe a location is better because it mirrors what newscasts are doing.

If, for example, you represent a travel/tourism client, it’s obviously best to stage the tour from the destination, cruise ship, hotel, and so on. If it’s a retail or restaurant client, a store location is best. Anytime you’re staging a media event with a celebrity spokesperson, a live shot with your celebrity from your event location is compelling for network and local market TV and major internet outlets.

There’s nothing wrong with studio kitchen sets or cozy corners, but by offering media a location that helps deliver your messaging, the media outlet gets some ownership of the interview. This is true for television and internet media tours.

Setting up locations is a little more time-consuming but the end result, both in terms of media results and client satisfaction, is well worth the effort. You also need to work with a team like ours because, after 33 years, we know what we’re doing when it comes to planning and execution. Our goal is to make it all headache-free for our clients. We do the work, you take the credit.