Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Media Tour

Virtual Media Tours (VMTs) are here to stay. KEF Media perfected VMTs when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) and other media coverage options will always have a place and benefit for clients, but VMTs deliver the same great results that clients expect with a few additional perks: no travel, low cost, and remote locations.

We have a nickname for Virtual Media Tours: “SMT in a box.” A smaller footprint allows for more customization, more flexibility, and more options for our clients, but delivers the same great broadcast and digital results. Plus, we can actually ship a VMT “tool box” to a spokesperson’s location to prepare them for the tour (more on that later).

Like other media tours, VMTs involve planning, coordination, and logistics. Here’s a look behind the scenes of a Virtual Media Tour.

To the audience, a virtual media tour looks like this:

Virtual Media Tour Behind the Scenes

At first, you may not notice a difference between a VMT and other media tours. That’s the goal - we don’t want the audience to pick up on any changes, but there are slight differences. For example, for Virtual Media Tours, the spokesperson may be in his or her home instead of a studio. This gives the viewer a more intimate, authentic experience and gives a potential glimpse into the life of the spokesperson or celebrity.

Here is what a VMT may look like behind the scenes:

Virtual Media Tour Behind The Scenes

There are fewer people and less equipment. In fact, the spokesperson is often the only person in the room. The interview for a VMT may be conducted via Zoom, Skype, or satellite. Like an SMT, a Virtual Media Tour consists of back-to-back interviews with media entities around the country.

A successful Virtual Media Tour requires several other key behind-the-scenes pieces, including:

  1. A team that connects the shot with our studio to correctly transmit the signal to the media.

  2. A team of producers on the phone, preparing for the next interview. When there are up to two dozen back-to-back hits in a single morning, you need the right team preparing for the next hit.

  3. A virtual green room so the client can monitor the media tour in real-time and provide feedback to the spokesperson.

  4. A Virtual Media Tour Kit that we send to the spokesperson to make sure the shot is more than a simple computer setup. The kit includes an easy remote lighting kit. We also prep the client with the appropriate set or background before the tour date.

Because VMTs provide more flexibility than SMTs and typically involve less equipment, the options are endless.

A Virtual Media Tour is a detailed, calculated effort to deliver quality content to the media while delivering results for our clients. Contact KEF Media to schedule your VMT today.