Launching a Successful Virtual Media Tour

Like most businesses, KEF Media faced a challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Almost every media tour was cancelled within three days.

We quickly discovered a problem that we needed to solve. The media still needed relevant and engaging content, and our clients were ready to deliver their message.

Within a week, the KEF team developed a new offering - the Virtual Media Tour (VMT). We combined our 35 years of experience with new technology and discovered a method that could serve both our clients and the media, even during periods of isolation.

Every single person on the team worked to make these VMTs a success. We learned there is so much we can do virtually and still deliver our clients great results. Now that we’ve produced hundreds of VMTs, we have a few tips on how to launch a successful Virtual Media Tour.

What is a Virtual Media Tour?

A Virtual Media Tour typically involves one to two spokespeople who deliver a message on behalf of a client/brand. We work with media partners to connect with the spokesperson from a remote location via Skype or Zoom. People in multiple states can be involved in a single VMT.

A virtual media tour is much more than calling into Zoom and being ready for television. It is our mission to deliver a high-quality production to share our clients’ desired messaging.

Tips for a successful Virtual Media Tour

Now that we have hundreds of VMTs under our belt, we have a few tips to ensure a successful project.

  1. Logistics are key. From the initial project conversation to launch, media booking, day-of tour execution and delivery of final broadcast results - There are several steps in a Virtual Media Tour, which leaves several opportunities for error if you are working with the wrong team. With 35 years of experience, KEF Media has the right team in place to make sure every project is executed to exceed expectations and accurately deliver our clients’ message.

  2. Prep the spokesperson. Virtual Media Tours are different from Satellite Media Tours. Instead of being surrounded by people in a studio, the spokesperson may be at home or at any other preferred remote location. It’s like an SMT in a box… complete with an easy remote lighting kit that we can ship out, as needed. Prior to each tour date we make sure talent is prepped with the appropriate set/background, lighting and ready to deliver the desired message. Along the way our clients can monitor each tour in real-time and provide instant feedback via a virtual green room.

  3. Trust the experts. While a Virtual Media Tour is a more efficient option than traditional media tours, it still requires the right preparation and execution. Make sure you are working with the right team. If you don’t trust the experts, your message is at risk.

Virtual Media Tours are here to stay. While there are times when a studio is the right option, VMTs offer more flexibility at a low-cost. You’ll get the same great broadcast and digital results.

If you’re ready to schedule a Virtual Media Tour or hear about other broadcast and digital tactics, contact us today to get started.