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Why Choose KEF Media?

When we execute a broadcast and/or digital projects for a public relations firm, KEF Media considers ourselves that agency’s direct partner. Our goal is the same today as it was in 1986 when KEF Media was launched, to build lasting relationships, as we gain your confidence and trust. We do that by delivering honest counsel and media results that matter to you and your client.

A satellite media tour remains an effective public relations tactic that can generate high-quality results that matter to your clients. Our wide variety of media options for your client tackle just about every possible subject you can think of. The KEF team of experienced TV, radio, internet and PR experts provide you, the client, on what it will take to produce a win for you!

Currently, television and digital are highly visual mediums. Pictures are critical when producing a compelling SMT segment. Compelling video helps tell your story and will get your story aired. With the expansion of digital, agencies go well beyond traditional publicity by engaging influencers with creative viral content and unforgettable experiential activations.

At KEF Media we consider ourselves an “agency’s agency.” We have a team of former broadcasters, producers, news magazine journalists, PR account executives and communications directors who specialize in the customizing broadcast and digital publicity tactics, looking for new and exciting ways to turbocharge our services to optimize results across a wide range of broadcast and digital platforms. For example, The Daily Buzz. KEF Media acquired The Daily Buzz® and brought back the fast-paced, half-hour program that features celebrity interviews and profiles, gossip, and news-you-can-use that integrates paid publicity content covering a wide variety of verticals. Since its re-launch, The Daily Buzz® Facebook page has over 110,000 fans, with a reach of over 150,000 monthly page views and 3.5 million total visits to the website.

Media tours are expensive investments and often the centerpiece of a PR campaign, so there is little room for error. At KEF Media, we apply the 3T filter: topic, timing and team effort.

  • TOPIC: Sometimes a good enough cause has enough weight to inspire and produce results, especially when it tugs at our emotions.
  • TIMING: When coordinating a media tour, think in terms of what the media needs and when it’s appropriate. Alerting the media and pitching them at the proper time is one aspect. The other is finalizing the actual time of the tour.
  • TEAM EFFORT: None of these campaigns can happen without a unified media team behind the scenes making it all come together

We’ve helped large, medium and boutique PR agencies grow their businesses for more than 30 years. Let us help you grow yours with innovative media integrations.

Why Choose KEF Media?

  1. We deliver honest counsel and media results that matter to you and your client.
  2. Our goal is the same today as it was over 30 years ago, to build lasting relationships as we gain your confidence and trust.
  3. A successful SMT is a team effort involving media relations, PR, technical and production teams to working together.