What is a Satellite Media Tour?

Simply put, a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) is a great way to amplify your client’s message. From television and radio to digital platforms - a series of back-to-back interviews in a single day will help quickly share your content with audiences across the country. It can happen from a studio or remote location over the course of a few hours.

A question we hear often: Do SMTs still work? Though there is a caveat, the answer is still YES.

Yes, SMTs are a great option for big businesses with multiple advertising streams, small businesses with a big story, or nonprofits looking to share their story. It is important to understand that they are also a direct result of what you put in them. SMTs are not a commercial for a business or product. The key to a successful Satellite Media Tour is to add value for the media. To get coverage, offer a story or access the media can’t get anywhere else.

Tips for a successful Satellite Media Tour

A successful Satellite Media Tour delivers results with top talent, relevant topics, and perfect timing. Follow these tips to make sure a Satellite Media Tour delivers the results you want.

  1. Find the right talent. A-list talent would be great, though, a good SMT partner can help you pull off a successful tour with an author, doctor, blogger, or an industry expert. The spokesperson can make or break a Satellite Media Tour, so choose wisely and be sure they have command of your desired messaging.

  2. Understand how to position brand messaging. That is critical for a successful SMT. Some topics are more appealing to the media than others. Finding a partner you trust to help position your message is imperative to delivering a great editorial message to the right audience.

  3. Consider timing. There are several factors when you are dealing with timing. Does your message tie into current events? Is it a strong evergreen story? The appropriate timing can strengthen your news value. It’s also important to alert the media and pitch them at the proper time.

  4. Manage market expectations. Everyone wants a national morning show booking, and sometimes a campaign aligns to make that happen. But that might not be the right market for your message or for your client. In the television world, local coverage can often deliver great results. In the online world, there are so many platforms that can deliver your message to a more targeted audience. Focusing on a more tailored audience can lead to better results.

  5. Find the right team. When you are making the investment in a Satellite Media Tour, you should have a partner you trust. Team effort is a key ingredient for a successful SMT and crucial to a campaign’s success.

With 35 years of experience, KEF Media has the technical expertise to make your SMT network quality. From beginning to end, we pay attention to every detail so you don’t have to worry about anything. When the SMT is over, you’ll receive detailed reporting until we’ve accounted for every interview booked to know the impacts of your campaign.