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The Real Results of Podcast Tours

On-demand. Audience-focused. Choice-driven. Podcasts have gained significant popularity in recent years because they have the power to reach niche audiences.

That’s why we developed podcast tours — an ideal set up for every client looking to create a halo effect around their spokesperson or brand. There are several benefits. Podcasts tend to have a longer shelf life than most media interviews. Plus, your spokesperson will likely have longer and more meaningful conversations with podcast hosts, which means more air time.

But what exactly is the ROI on podcast tours? Because they reach specific audiences, the impressions aren’t as large as what you’d typically see with a Satellite Media Tour or a Radio Media Tour. While databases are improving, we often set expectations with our clients ahead of time that numbers will not be as high as traditional television or radio numbers. However, high numbers are not always the biggest indicator of success. The audience you reach may be smaller, but it’s VERY qualified.

Here are four proven facts that display the effectiveness of podcasts:

  1. Increased accessibility: Listeners can tune in to podcasts at their convenience. This accessibility allows podcasts to reach individuals who may not have the time or inclination to consume other forms of media.

  2. Increased versatility: Podcasts cover a vast array of topics, ranging from entertainment and storytelling to educational content, news and interviews. This versatility allows individuals to find podcasts that align with their interests and preferences, resulting in a more engaged and attentive audience.

  3. More powerful content: Unlike short-form content, such as blog posts, videos or television interviews, podcasts provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions and exploration of topics. Podcast hosts and guests can delve into complex subjects, share personal experiences, and provide detailed insights. This long-form format fosters a deeper understanding and connection with the content.

  4. Higher engagement: Podcasts often create a sense of intimacy and connection between the hosts and the listeners. The audio format, combined with conversational styles and storytelling techniques, can make listeners feel like they are part of a conversation or a community.

We recommend more lead time with podcast tours. Podcast producers don’t always work normal working hours. Flexibility is key. Podcast interviews may be conducted one at a time (more one-off style) than back-to-back like other media tours. Keep in mind that despite a few hurdles, the audience is very tailored to your message.

Still not sure if podcasts are right for you? Schedule a call with us. Brainstorming is always free! We’ve been on the forefront of media trends for years, and this is one bandwagon worth the ride.