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Secrets to Successful Satellite Media Tours

When you’re making an investment like a Satellite Media Tour (SMT), you want to make sure every detail is covered and goes off just as planned. Once you hire us, our job is to take the tour to the next level with solid bookings, the right crew in place, and expert coaching for the spokesperson.

Whether you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or you’re just dipping your feet into the world of SMTs for the first time, we’ve got a few tips for successful Satellite Media Tours:

  1. Allow enough time to book. Yes, we can always work some magic if an urgent or last-minute SMT pops up. However, the more you’re able to plan ahead, the more time we have to book solid interviews. Breaking news can and will happen. Planning ahead also gives us more flexibility to adjust around major events that will likely take up a large amount of air time.
  2. More planning time leads to better results. Planning ahead is not just about booking. When you plan ahead, you allow our team more time to put our creativity to work. How can we make this tour stand out? How can we build a set that’s different and interactive? Is this SMT better in-studio or is there an option for a remote tour? Remote tours perform well, offering new and engaging perspectives for the viewer, but they do require more time to plan. Allowing time for us to handle all of the details will lead to better overall results.
  3. Keep local news sweeps in mind. Is the message timely? Does it need to go out RIGHT NOW? If not, keep in mind that there are several months in the year when local news stations have ratings periods. Often, the stations have spent months planning ahead on hard-hitting investigative stories that will be heavily promoted. Don’t try to compete with the work they’re producing. If there is no urgency to your client’s message, we will guide you towards the appropriate time to hold your Satellite Media Tour so there is no conflict with local stations.
  4. Don’t waste your money. If you have money to spend by the end of the fiscal year, but you don’t have any good ideas for a Satellite Media Tour, don’t waste your money. We would never encourage you to spend money on a Satellite Media Tour that’s not going to perform well. Instead, we can pre-bill for the next year. It’s a win-win: you have a tour locked in place and you have the right timeline to start planning a stellar tour that will capture and hold audience attention.
  5. KEF Media has more than 35 years of experience producing Satellite Media Tours and we know how to set you and your client up for success. When you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear how we can bring your ideas to life. Brainstorming sessions are always free.