Satellite Media Tours for Retail Stores

Satellite Media Tours are effective for all types of messaging, but they especially offer extra value for retail stores.

When it comes to the retail industry, there is a lot of competition — but also a lot of opportunity. Global retail sales grew to $26 billion in 2021 and that number is expected to grow to $31.3 trillion by 2025. Separating your brand or your client is key to earning a place in the market and maintaining growth.

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Here are several benefits of Satellite Media Tours for retail tours and how KEF Media can make your products stand out:

  1. You’re able to promote exactly the products that you want. You don’t have to show off the entire store or even an entire line of products. By selecting products that will resonate most with a target audience, you’re creating intentionality. Showing only the lawn and garden section at a home improvement store is going to be much more effective for a media tour on spring planting than showing the front of the store. Or if a tour is solely focused on golf or baseball, it’s best to show only those specific products to create a clearer message for the audience.

  2. You gain control of the messaging. When you choose which products to highlight or which parts of the store to showcase, you’re also taking control of the messaging. More specific messaging often resonates better with an audience — which can translate into higher sales.

  3. You separate yourself from competitors. The retail space is competitive and any way to separate from the competitors is going to be effective. Here’s one example: if you have a really fantastic store brand line of clothing, feature that line in the Satellite Media Tour. Shoppers might typically overlook that section as they walk through the store, but when you draw attention to it, you’re able to talk about the benefits of that specific product to be able to set it apart from other brands.

  4. Get creative with your spokesperson. Retail outlets typically have great relationships with celebrities and athletes, and that may be your spokesperson for a given media tour. It’s important to maximize the time with the spokesperson, but time is often limited. This is where KEF Media steps in. We can interview the spokesperson for five minutes, gather additional broll, then put together a package that’s shared with media outlets. This technique allows you to get more return on your investment, plus it’s extremely efficient.

When it’s time to schedule your next media tour for a retail store, keep your mind open and let us be creative. An entire campsite in the middle of the store will make for great television and video, which will help with current and future bookings. A fun and active set translates to a fun and active segment for a station as well as for your talent — and overall, that leaves a positive impact on your brand.

Contact KEF Media to get started on your next plans. Brainstorming is always free!