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Satellite Media Tours are Back. Here are the Changes We’re Noticing.

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) may have taken a brief pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now they are back in full force. Many of our partners are returning to Satellite Media Tours to get their clients' message out, but like many other aspects of our lives, they look a little different than they did before.

SMTs are a tried and true broadcast PR tactic with high-quality results. They build excitement, cast a wide net of awareness over a brand’s product or service, while also embedding a spokesperson and message on television newscasts across the country.

There's good news — Satellite Media Tours are still providing clients with great results. The even better news — SMTs are even more flexible than before. Here are just a few changes we're noticing as we continue to produce Satellite Media Tours:

1. More live options. Does your client have two spokespeople on two different sides of the country? We've executed tours with one person live via satellite (in-studio or on-location) and another live via a digital platform like Zoom. The viewer doesn't notice a difference, and there is much less disruption for the spokespeople.

2. More flexible travel options. More live options lead to more flexible travel options. Because spokespeople can be in two different locations, there is less travel involved. We've also started integrating other convenient tools like virtual green rooms. A virtual green room allows the client to watch the Satellite Media Tour as it's happening. Clients can share feedback and talk with the spokesperson when appropriate. Virtual green rooms have been a great alternative to flying in to be on set. The communication is still there, and KEF Media producers are always on site to ensure every detail is executed.

3. More technology options. It's not just digital platforms that have changed the game for Satellite Media Tours. Yes, tools like Zoom and Skype have been increasingly beneficial (and have also led to options like Virtual Media Tours), but technology has also improved with satellite trucks. The days of massive trucks pulling up to lay down hundreds of feet of cable are nearly over. Satellite trucks are integrating technology to be more efficient, require a smaller staff and footprint, and deliver even better quality.

The demands of target audiences everywhere are changing, and all PR tactics should adjust to keep up with current needs. Thanks to technology, we are able to easily adjust each Satellite Media Tour to fit clients' needs. After all, each campaign has its own complexities, and we are always willing to shift because of those complexities.

To get the results you want from Satellite Media Tours, work with a reliable media partner. KEF Media has more than 35 years of experience and has executed countless Satellite Media Tours from almost every location you could imagine, including a cruise ship. We know how to handle every nuance, including last minute changes that will inevitably pop up. Contact us today to start planning your next tour!