optimize message for 2022

Optimize Your Messaging for 2022

The days of mass emailing pitches and offering standard messaging are gone. The PR industry in 2022 is much different than it was in 2000, and if you want your client's message to resonate with the right audience, your approach may look a little different than even a couple of years ago.

Our job is to connect PR professionals with the right media contacts. Often, there can be a disconnect between these two groups. PR professionals may feel frustrated when their clients don’t get the coverage they desire.

We’ve discovered a few tweaks that can turn a message headed for the trash into compelling content, delivered to the right, targeted audience.

In 2022, try these five tips to optimize your messaging.

  1. Don’t focus on the product. Pitches that feel like commercials will never make it to the right decision makers. Often, if you’re only focusing on the product or service itself, you’re missing the purpose of the pitch. How does your client’s product improve lives? What makes it unique? Can the message be tied into current events?

  2. Personalize your pitch. In 2022, there are more media outlets than ever before. Not all of them are going to cover your client's message the same. Optimizing the message requires personalizing the pitch so that outlets understand how it impacts their audience. Also along these lines, newsrooms are increasingly stretched for resources. Give your contacts everything they need up front. If they have to spend too much time piecing elements together, you are less likely to get the coverage you want.

  3. Take a stand. New data found that up to 70% of consumers want brands to take a stand on social and political issues. Encourage your clients to establish core values that will become a key part of messaging. Businesses embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion are coming out ahead of their competitors.

  4. Find the right spokesperson. While we can offer a spokesperson for our clients, many times our clients already have a spokesperson under contract. We can’t stress enough the importance of finding the right spokesperson to deliver your client’s message. Now, influencers are everywhere, and it may work to your client’s advantage to use them to reach a wider audience. Just make sure they fit the brand before you sign the contract.

  5. Choose the right distribution channel. Just as the number of media outlets has increased, so have methods of distribution. This is why we’re creating more options for our clients, like Podcast Tours and Integrated Taped Tours (ITTs). Podcasts cover almost every topic and can reach a niche audience. Customized tours like ITTs allow for flexible distribution, depending on the schedule of media outlets.

At KEF Media, we are here to provide honest counsel, creative ideas, and attention to detail. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we know how to deliver results. Contact us today to see more and better bookings for your clients.