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Media Tours: How to choose between In-Person and Virtual

You’ve done your research, and you’ve decided that a media tour with KEF Media is just what your business or organization needs to reach that next stage of growth. But there’s one more thing you need to consider before we begin to book talent and set up interviews — would an In-Person Media Tour or a Virtual Media Tour be the best fit?

Both are great options, and KEF Media has worked hard to achieve amazing results for our clients whether that’s face-to-face or through a computer screen. Let’s break down what makes each of these an excellent tool to get more exposure for your brand.

In-Person Media Tours

KEF Media executes In-Person Media Tours in a couple of ways. When we talk about on-location media tours, we take the show on the road. We can produce media tours from anywhere in the world — and with nearly four decades of experience, we can guarantee that we have done just that. From resorts, to farms, to stadiums, even Yellowstone National Park and atop a hotel in Beijing — as long as it is relevant to your brand, your story, and your audience, we can set up shop there.

Or, you could choose to be in a more controlled setting. For in-studio media tours, KEF Media will customize the set to help tell your story and captivate an audience. We’ve made blank spaces feel like warm, cozy, lived-in homes for the holidays or brought the outdoors inside for the perfect tailgate. In-studio options provide comfort and modern day convenience for our clients and talent.

Both options for In-Person Media Tours come with a list of benefits. Here’s just a few:

  1. Dynamic: We want to grab your audience’s attention. The goal for a TV interview is for the audience to know what you are talking about, even if the sound is off. Having a beautiful setting outside or unique backdrop inside a studio is just that first step in making someone stop scrolling and pay attention.
  2. Appeals to media outlets: Before we can even reach an audience, we need to make sure your content stands out for the producers booking time slots for your media tour interviews. Their inboxes are flooded daily with pitch after pitch from other media tours competing for the same spot as you. Producers know an on-location interview will look good visually on screen and will also provide great material to use in promotions for their shows. As for in-studio media tours, producers love knowing that the interview is in a controlled setting without as many unknowns. They’re sure to get an engaging interview without having to design their own studio to fit the content and story.
  3. Connect with talent: Finding the right spokesperson for your media tour is a crucial step and can be a huge investment. We want to make the most of that investment. In our experience, talent can feed off the energy of their environment–whether that is an on-location shoot pulsing with excitement or a decked out set in the studio. We want them to have fun and truly believe in the story they are trying to communicate to the people watching. Furthermore, we want to connect with your talent and form a relationship with them. An In-Person Media Tour allows our team to help coach your spokesperson on the talking points we want to make sure we hit during all those back-to-back interviews.

Virtual Media Tours

It is no secret, people have embraced a virtual way of living. From the way we order our groceries to how we consume content, our lives depend on our technology. KEF Media will always adapt and learn in order to get the best results for our clients. In doing so, we have embraced the Virtual Media Tour. This type of media tour has the same goal as the traditional satellite media tour–fill up a day with 25 or more consecutive interviews with media outlets across the country. But it’s all happening from the comfort of a talent’s own home or office. Virtual Media Tours can be conducted via Zoom or Skype. While most spokespeople have what they need for a great virtual interview, if needed, KEF Media can ship a Virtual Media Tour tool box to the talent, including a lighting kit, to ensure the production is always professional quality. Here’s some of big reasons why our clients love Virtual Media Tours:

  1. Convenient: If you’re working on a tight time schedule, a Virtual Media Tour could be ideal. This cuts out quite a bit of logistics–things like location scouting and flying crews and talent to that pre-selected location are eliminated. But while we might be cutting out some legwork, you will still see the KEF Media quality of work on the screen. We will conduct a technology test before the Virtual Media Tour to check all connections. We will help coach your talent on how best to tackle all those virtual interviews and remain personable through a screen. We will ensure the background is visually appealing and appropriate for your content. In addition, our clients will have access to a virtual green room livestream during production in order to be as hands on as possible.
  2. Appeals to talent: A Virtual Media Tour can open the door to booking an amazing spokesperson who you might not have been able to schedule otherwise–whether that’s because of the talent’s conflicting jobs or the difficulty of traveling to an on-site satellite media tour location. A Virtual Media Tour allows the talent to remain in a location that’s comfortable to them–like their home or office. And when they’re comfortable and relaxed, that’s going to make them even more enjoyable for an audience to watch.
  3. Relatable: Audiences love a behind the scenes look. Seeing that your talent is working from a personal environment might make viewers even more interested in what they have to say. And, we always want to relate to our audience. We want them to feel like the brand or the product we are promoting is something that could easily fit into their lives. What better way to visualize that than by actually seeing it integrated in the talent’s life?

As you can see, In-Person Media Tours and Virtual Media Tours have their own unique set of benefits. Our KEF Media team would be happy to discuss what we think would best fit your goals and vision for your media tour. Those factors may take us to any number of locations around the world, or we might just lean on technology in order to score a booking with that must-have talent. Either way, what KEF Media can promise is an outstanding final product that will help boost your brand.