How to Measure Satellite Media Tour

How to Measure a Successful Satellite Media Tour

Your spokesperson delivered a strong message. Your backdrop looked great. The tour reached 25 or more stations and markets. Now, how do you know if the Satellite Media Tour (SMT) was a success? An SMT is an investment and you should get the most out of your budget.

First, let’s take a step back. When you work with an experienced team, there should be no surprises when you see your SMT results. You should know what to expect from the very first planning stages. A successful Satellite Media Tour begins well before the day of production.

Here is what should be covered before the launch of a successful Satellite Media Tour:

  • Target markets. Target markets across the U.S. or world should be identified during the planning stage.

  • Media pitch. You need a hand-crafted pitch to secure your message. Pitching media requires the correct timing, good relationships, and securing well-known talent. You also want to pitch media that’s right for your message.

  • Spokesperson. The spokesperson carries a lot of weight for Satellite Media Tours. A-list celebrities are great, but also expensive. Consider a subject matter expert who is able to comfortably talk about your message. Also work with a media partner who knows how to maximize a spokesperson’s time. You’re paying for it and it should be used wisely.

  • Logistical details. Your media partner should secure satellite space and handle all of the behind-the-scenes logistics. If these details are not buttoned up, the chances for a successful tour are low.

  • Network quality backdrop. The set of a successful SMT is dynamic. KEF Media takes pride in crafting compelling backdrops, whether you’re in a studio or a remote location.

The SMT should be evaluated on all of these factors so you know how well it will perform - even before your spokesperson delivers your desired message to the media. But there are also benefits to detailed reporting after the Satellite Media Tour wraps. KEF Media takes pride in delivering results that matter. We deliver detailed reports following the tour, until we’ve accounted for every outlet booked.

A detailed report from KEF Media includes:

  • Number of interviews

  • Markets earned

  • Updates on content placement

  • Audience impression numbers

  • Digital impressions

In addition to Satellite Media Tours, KEF Media offers a social media platform, The Daily Buzz, to reach an even broader audience. We present your message so it generates more views, clicks, reaches, and shares.

Satellite Media Tours are an effective way to share a message with a worldwide audience, but make sure you work with a team who can maximize revenue and get you the right ROI. KEF Media has 35 years of experience producing high-quality tours for a wide range of clients. We know an SMT is an investment, and you want results that matter.