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How to freshen up your message when you have multiple media tours

How many media tours should you produce in a year? Are you worried that if you execute too many, your message will feel stale?

A lot of our partners choose to take advantage of multiple opportunities throughout the year to produce media tours. And we can tell you from experience, there are plenty of opportunities to freshen up your brand’s or client’s message so that it never feels like a rinse and repeat.

In fact, part of our goal is to make sure we are constantly working with our partners to deliver new content so that viewers don’t say, “Oh, I’ve seen this before,” and change channels or scroll to the next video. Even when tours are properly executed, too much of a good thing can have negative consequences.

So — if your budget allows you to produce multiple media tours in a year, we have several suggestions to keep your message fresh:

  1. Switch up the spokesperson. A familiar face is always nice (and works well for many of our partners), but switching up the spokesperson can bring new and interesting perspectives to tours. For example, consider switching out a company executive with a social media influencer who can share personal stories about interacting with a product or service. Both spokespeople offer value, but the media tours will look and feel different.

  2. Differentiate the central purpose. The ultimate goal behind a media tour is always to develop new business, but there always needs to be a ‘hook.’ The media does not book sales pitches. The media books stories with impact. Mixing up the story or the ‘why’ behind the media tour will not only help in the pitching process but will also keep an audience engaged.

  3. Highlight different products or services. Some of our partners have several different ‘branches’ to their company. Instead of constantly pushing the same product or service, mix it up and show off other parts of the company.

  4. Choose different locations or visuals. A new location is almost an immediate signal to an audience that something is new, and it’s a visual signal to pay attention. We excel in creating highly interesting sets in studios or working in remote locations (like the middle of the Bahamas) so the viewer feels like they have to watch or they might miss out.

  5. Take advantage of time-sensitive events or topics. Every month of the year is some type of awareness month or holiday. Time-sensitive events also create a sense of urgency. For example, Black Friday is still the kick off point to holiday shopping. A media tour about Black Friday deals that are too good to pass up is going to feel much different than a tour featuring an industry expert talking about American Heart Month.

With some of our partners, we’re able to develop calendars well in advance so that we can properly space out media tours while still making sure the topic is relevant. For example, Father’s Day is actually the unofficial start to the holiday season. Following Father’s Day, we celebrate Fourth of July, Back to School, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas, all in consecutive months. Working ahead to schedule tours around these key dates allows us to refine the message and create stories the media can’t pass up.

KEF Media has developed thousands of media tours, taking them from ideas to execution to reporting over the last 37 years. We have expertise in refining your message, creating stand out sets (whether in studio or remote), and reaching the most beneficial audiences. Ready to get started? Let’s plan your next tour today.