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Get Your Summer Travel Tour in Gear

Summer is right around the corner and families are already planning their summer vacations! This year, it seems like everyone's itching for a vacation, and travel plans are starting to pick back up from the drop during the pandemic. 85% of Americans plan to travel, which means there is a large audience just waiting for your message!

It’s time for your brand or client to start getting the message out with a Summer Travel Media Tour. By booking your tour now, you can get ahead of the competition and still give families enough time to plan. From going on your own shark encounter to taking a trip abroad to Paris — the travel options are limitless — and so are the opportunities for your brand.

KEF Media has helped countless brands develop a custom media tour to target specific demographics and regions. Whether you’re highlighting epic vacations like a Disney cruise or focusing more on storylines like “how take to best the vacation pictures,” there are plenty of tactics to make sure your message resonates with the right audience.

KEF Media is a full-service media and broadcast PR company that specializes in planning and executing successful media tours. KEF Media's extensive media relationships can help you secure coverage with national and local media outlets, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand. We have decades of experience working with top brands. Let’s get started planning your summer travel tour today!