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Fresh and Delicious: Producing Successful Food Satellite Media Tours

It doesn’t matter the time of year, whether it's a celebration or just another Tuesday, whether it's been a good day or a bad one, food plays a huge role in our lives. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. consumers, businesses, and government entities spent $2.39 trillion on food and drinks in 2022. To meet that demand, food production is a massive industry, and it can be a challenge for companies to stand out in the deep pool of competitors.

KEF Media is here to help. Our team is honored to work with powerhouse clients in the food industry, like Honey Baked Ham, Ragu, Sunkist, Pre-Meat, and Edwards. One of the best ways to showcase their tasty products is with a Satellite Media Tour, a series of interviews scheduled in 5-10 minute windows with media outlets across the country. A Satellite Media Tour typically lasts for hours, leaving plenty of time for the food to wilt or melt. Here’s what KEF Media does to combat the clock and produce a successful Satellite Media Tour for our food industry clients.

1. Food Stylist: We have a team of people assigned to their own specialized jobs on set — from producers, directors, audio, and editors. Why wouldn’t we have someone dedicated to the focus of the production — the food? This is where a food stylist steps in. It is their job to make sure the product looks beautiful, appetizing, and fresh from start to finish. They ensure consistency of the food for each interview — working quickly in between takes. This is especially important if your spokesperson will be consuming any of the food during the segments. KEF Media has a strong partnership with professional food stylists that we often recommend to clients, or we are happy to collaborate with a company’s stylist.

2. Preparation: Most of the legwork done for a Satellite Media Tour takes place way before the day of the tour. This is especially true with tours focused on food. The KEF Media team and our food stylist will have extensive conversations with clients about what products we will showcase on camera. We will plan pre-production days so we can get video footage (b-roll) of products to avoid food sitting out for extensive periods of time. We will work with our food stylist to ensure that several dishes of everything will be ready to go for the tour date. We will also make sure there is storage space — including refrigeration — to accommodate all that extra food.

3. Set Design: KEF Media loves to customize our sets for Satellite Media Tours to fully tell our clients’ stories. A kitchen set is normally the default for food segments, but we want to go the extra mile. Is this a seasonal item? Is there a way we can dress up a kitchen set to reflect that? Or, let’s go to a park or ball field for a barbeque or tailgating tour or bring the outside inside to the set. What types of dishes and cutlery pair best with your products? We will make sure to have everything that will showcase your items in the best possible way. Is there a particular color scheme we need to follow for dishes, etc? We will discuss all these small but important details with your marketing team in advance. This way we can make sure the audience hears your brand voice loud and clear through their screens, can relate with what they're seeing, and then, ultimately, want to purchase your product.

If you’re ready to start cooking up your own Satellite Media Tour, KEF Media cannot wait to help. We are here to answer any questions you have and to get to work!