Embracing secured media in 2023

You’ve probably heard this line many times before: “The media landscape is changing.” With the constant evolution of digital and social media, there is no doubt that the media landscape is much different than it was nearly 40 years ago when KEF Media was first founded.

That’s why we have worked diligently to stay ahead of the demands. After all, we don’t just produce Satellite Media Tours anymore. Our services are a reflection of the interests and needs of media companies.

One of the changes that we’ve noticed recently is the move towards secured media. While our focus has been and will continue to be earned media, secured media is becoming an essential part of successful tours to reach the right audience.

If you’re not familiar with secured media, it includes paid spots to help ensure your message gets picked up and carried by the right outlets. Secured media is often an effective way to expand the reach of your brand or your client, when you have the right strategy.

Earned media is “earned” through word of mouth. Oftentimes, earned media is the result of our team pitching outlets and publications that we believe would be a good fit for the tour’s message.

KEF Media’s goal is always to get as much earned media as possible. We’ve spent decades building relationships with our media partners and crafting the art of the pitch to get our clients the best results. But in “today’s media landscape,” you have to have a strategy to reach the right audiences.

There are several reasons driving the change from earned media to more secured media. As the media world becomes more and more oversaturated, companies are looking for a bigger piece of the pie. Everyone is fighting for money from advertisers — and since that pie is being cut into more and more pieces, media companies are also trying to find other revenue sources (like paid promotions).

When our clients approach us for a tour, our goal is always to reach the right audience. We know that specific markets also require specific tactics. After all, you’re not paying for your message to end up in the wrong hands, and when you trust us to handle your media tour, we will work for the best placements.

In 2023, we are embracing secured media as an integral part of media tours — when and where it will yield the best results for our clients.

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