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Defining Media Tour Success

Time to take a deep breath–the hustle of dozens of back-to-back interviews is over, your spokesperson nailed each of the talking points they needed to hit, and your brand was showcased in a way that should make a lasting impression on your target audience. While you can relax–KEF Media just executed an exceptional media tour for your business or organization after all–our team is just getting to work.

A media tour is a huge investment. The planning and labor that goes into the pre-production is monumental. Production day is a beast by itself. KEF Media’s goal is to ensure our clients see a return from such an undertaking. The good news is that these results shouldn’t come as a shock to you. Our team will prepare you on what to expect from the first stages of brainstorming for your media tour. We will go in depth with you about your brand story, what your goals are for the media tour, and what specific audience you want to target. All those details will shape exactly how we approach the media tour. It will determine the location, spokesperson, the pitch, and the media outlets we book for interviews.

Even if the results report won’t be full of surprises, we know how satisfying it is to see just how much impact your media tour had. For that reason, KEF Media will supply a detailed post-production report including:

  • Number of interviews
  • Markets earned
  • Updates on content placement
  • Audience impression numbers
  • Digital impressions

We will also follow-up your media tour with a strong social media presence across multiple predetermined platforms. In doing so, your content will have the potential to continue to generate more views, clicks, reaches, and shares beyond the end of the media tour.

With nearly four decades of experience, the KEF Media team always wants to caution our clients–high numbers don’t always define success. Are they great? Absolutely. But, they aren’t the only thing we are looking at. It really depends on the scope of your tour, and that’s something we will have meticulously planned alongside you. For example, some clients choose to hyper-focus on an extremely select audience. In doing so, their numbers could be lower than another client who cast a wider net and wanted a broader audience. But, the saturation of the smaller yet more engaged, attentive audience could end up being much higher and more effective for the first client’s brand in the long run.

In the end, KEF Media believes the goal of your media tour truly is what defines its success. Communication about those expectations is key. Our team would be excited to walk with you through the process and see what we can achieve together.