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Count on us for on-location Satellite Media Tours

Shopping malls, overseas resorts, even private islands — KEF Media recently produced Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) from all of those locations. There is something special about an on-location Satellite Media Tour. You have the ability to transport viewers to another place. Producers tend to gravitate towards on-location interviews because they are so visual. And that’s exactly what the audience wants to see.

Producing live tours outside or in unique locations adds excitement, and it’s not just for the viewer. From our experience, we’ve also noticed that talent and spokespeople tend to feed off the energy of on-location tours. For some media tours, it’s worth breaking out of the four walls of the studios and expanding the audience’s vantage point.

KEF Media is here to help with your next on-location Satellite Media Tour from start to finish.

The first step to successful remote SMTs is to plan effectively and efficiently. There are several factors to consider, and we will often walk through the following questions: What’s the best location for the Satellite Media Tour? How does the location add value to the overall tour? Will the messaging still connect with the viewer? What will the cell service be like in that location? These questions help us prepare not only for the pitching process, but also for the planning process so we know the equipment needed for flawless execution and network quality live shots.

Once we have the details worked out, the second step of the process is to knock out any content we can before the tour. This includes b-roll footage that will help with storytelling during the tour. Compiling b-roll ahead of time is also helpful in the pitching process, and can add that extra layer of detail that producers and media outlets really want. Our team can also help identify opportunities to capture fresh b-roll, on location in the days ahead of a tour.

Third, it’s showtime! Count on the KEF Media team on-site to make sure remote SMTs go off without a hitch. Whether we bring in Satellite Trucks, smaller digital equipment, or both, we will be there to manage any hiccups that will inevitably pop up along the way. Our producers work closely with talent to collaborate on talking points and keep the energy flowing between live shots. With 25+ back-to-back interviews during a Satellite Media Tour, we know that’s a key part to a successful day.

Even though the tour is over, our job is not quite finished. Our reporting team immediately begins work to look over and gather all of the results, including impressions and reach. Until we’ve accounted for each booking, your client will receive regular reports to keep track of audience reach from your on-location spot.

From start to finish, KEF Media is here to help with your remote Satellite Media Tours. With more than 35 years of experience, we have been EVERYWHERE and no location is too remote for our team. If you’re ready to bring your on-location tour to life, contact us today. Brainstorming is always free!