More in a Minute©

Let’s face it, there are times you need your story to air in all the top U.S. markets. That’s why we developed More…In A Minute, a scripted, narrated 60-second news package that features your message, front and center. Consulting with you, we produce your More…In A Minute segment script to screen and then place the package in any market you choose including the Top 10 because we purchase airtime adjacent to local newscasts.

More In A Minute screenshots

Benefits to More in a Minute©:

  • Client-mandated messaging, spokesperson approval
  • Scripted, narrated 60-second news package
  • Places messaging, spokesperson front and center
  • Can use existing and/or new video
  • Paid placement adjacent to newscast
  • In any market

Do you have a bilingual spokesperson capable of resonating with a spanish-speaking audience? We have the advantage to penetrate those typical difficult-to-reach markets. Let us help you reach your desired Spanish Media targets.