Content Creator/Project Coordinator

The Content Creator/Project Coordinator is responsible for helping project Producers and Executive Producers manage and coordinate all assigned projects. The Coordinator may also communicate with clients, as needed. Acts as creative writer for media alerts, package scripts, B-roll scripts, etc. This remote position requires a self-starter who is disciplined, accountable and an organized problem-solver. Punctuality, adaptability, effective communication and strong time-management skills are also essential.


1.1 2-3 years of prior public relations and/or news media experience.

1.2 Must have a background and understanding of the television and/or radio production business and processes – creative thinking, writing, technical production, product/service positioning and media relations.

1.3 Strong people skills and organizational skills.

1.4 Must have excellent verbal communication skills.

1.5 Must have excellent creative writing skills.

1.6 Must have strong time management skills. Be able to meet deadlines, coordinate multiple tasks and prioritize well.

1.7 Must have ability to manage (either under supervision or alone) the video production phase of the project. Will provide input to the editing team during the different video production stages.

1.8 Performs any other duty or task as may be assigned.

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