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Customized Media Days: What to Expect

You’ve hired a celebrity, retired athlete, or well-known newsmaker to help give your brand a major boost. Now, you need to maximize that investment. This was one of the reasons why KEF Media developed Customized Media Days. It’s a tactic that takes full advantage of time, resources, and talent to produce the highest level of results for your organization or company. A Customized Media Day is a condensed time frame filled with a variety of media tactics. We have found that it works best for clients with five or more media hours of celebrity time.

Here’s what you can expect a Customized Media Day to look like:

6:00 am – Grab your coffee and get ready for an exciting, busy day. Production crews will be on set to make sure that everything is prepared to tell your brand story. We will execute a customized set plan to make things dynamic and engaging.

7:00 am – Spokesperson arrives. The hair and makeup process begins. We have found that it is key to schedule this necessary part of the day separately from the allotted time your spokesperson will be on set. It is important to make sure this is clearly communicated with your spokesperson’s team so your spokesperson can get to set feeling prepared and confident for the day ahead of them.

8:00 am – We begin our Customized Media Days with Satellite Media Tours. We will have your spokesperson booked to speak with multiple television outlets. Interviews will be scheduled typically in 5 to 10 minute windows, back to back. Some of these interviews will be broadcast live while other outlets may choose to record and use them at a later date.

10:00 am – After Satellite Media Tours, we will progress to interviews over streaming platforms. This will be similar to the interview process from the previous section. However, interviews over streaming platforms allow for more time, more questions and conversation, and can feel more exclusive.

12:00 pm – Now, we move forward to the in-person interview portion of the day. Reporters will be given an interview time and will come on set with their camera crew to record segments and interviews with your spokesperson. This is similar to a movie junket — a way to get as many individual in-person interviews done by different outlets but without the spokesperson needing to travel.

1:00 pm – That’s a wrap! You have accomplished a monumental variety of brand visibility tactics before rush-hour traffic. And it doesn’t end with today. A successful Customized Media Day will establish a positive relationship between your brand and media outlets going forward — making them more likely to reach back out for future projects.

Customized Media Days tend to work best in New York or Los Angeles, where the bulk of national media calls home. But KEF Media would be excited to brainstorm with you on ways we could adapt this strategy to your location and audience. We have found that our clients, and their celebrity spokespersons, love having a one-stop-shop that can optimize brand growth through different platforms. KEF Media looks forward to working with you!