Holiday media coverage

6 Tips for Holiday Co-Op Success

Holiday media planning got you stressed? Do little budgets and big expectations have you wishing you could close your eyes and wake up in 2019? At this of the time of year, many turn to co-op media tours for their holiday campaigns and we wanted to share 6 tips to make your holiday co-ops a huge success.

  1. Be the Early Bird: Conduct your media tour as far in advance as possible to make sure coverage hits when you need it to. In general, plan to go at least two weeks prior to your ideal coverage window. This will give the media time to complete their segments and schedule them to air/post. Also remember, holiday themed tours are plentiful – getting out early will help you rise above the rest and grab a coveted media spot.
  2. Own It: Look for tours that allow you to ‘own’ the media segments. If you represent canned vegetables, do you really want them next to acne cream on set? No. You want all the glory on those canned, nutritious and versatile veggies that are going to make consumers lives easy during the holidays. Build the tour around YOUR client’s messages and flesh out the segment with tips or hacks. Another way to maximize your tour is to include items from your client’s family of products. For example, you rep canned vegetables, but your client has a cracker brand and a desert offering too….include them! Your client going to be impressed that you went above and beyond to include more from the ‘family.’ (Or if your agency represents another product that would be a perfect companion, include that and let the account teams split the cost.) Look for ways to use those co-op dollars effectively!
  3. Seek Meaningful Gifts: In addition to the segments on the media tour, look for high-quality, value added elements like national TV shows, audio news releases or video mat releases to increase your client’s exposure beyond media interviews.
  4. See Past Sale! Sale! Sale!: Value is always appreciated, but cheaper isn’t necessarily the best way to go. If you see a vendor offering 80+ million impressions for 12,000 impressions, chances are those 80 million impressions aren’t going to make a huge impact on your client’s goals. Look beyond the ‘sale’ price and look into the quality behind the offering. It may be worth spending a bit more to feel confident you are getting the best possible media outcome.
  5. Take advantage of Social Amplification: Strategic social media targeting can be your secret weapon this holiday season. Ask your vendor about ways to use editorial content on social platforms to drill down into target geographical areas, age ranges and consumer interests. Ask for detailed analytics so you can see who watched the video. The more real data you can provide your client, the smarter you look!
  6. Relax: Look for a media partner that will shoulder the responsibility with you. PR can be risky, but if you have a partner as committed to success as you are and a guarantee you won’t be left holding a bag of coal at the end of the project. You can take a deep breath and enjoy, or at least get through the holiday craziness.

We would love to be part of your 2018 holiday campaign. From national TV placements to ‘co-ops,’ to Satellite Media Tours to Customized Media Days, KEF Media have the tactics that will deliver the results you need.

Let us know your goals, budget and timing and we will come back to you with holiday campaign recommendations.