The KEF Media Broadcast PR Hotline 


No Judgement, No Sales Pitch

Simply Get The Info You Need For Your PR Plans! 

We often receive phone calls from young PR professionals wanting a price for an SMT without fully understanding how they work and what they can accomplish for their clients. It can sometimes lead to frustration, for both parties, when we can’t simply send a prototypical estimate. This is because the PR landscape has evolved to the point where template estimates are impossible to craft. Today, everything is customized based on a variety of factors like budget, news value, timeliness, the popularity of spokesperson and client expectations. We get it. It’s overwhelming.

The question becomes do you really need a Satellite Media Tour or would an Integrated Media Tour, a Customized Media Day, a Shared Media Day, an Internet Media Tour, a “More…In a Minute” campaign, a Radio Media Tour or a b-roll be the most effective way to reach your goals? We are here to help you navigate those options.

To guide you through the complex world of SMTs, IMTs, CMDs, B-rolls, we are here to help you:

  • Learn the right questions to ask of each potential vendor.
  • Understand the tactics and customized options.
  • How to compare estimates and look for hidden costs.
  • Brainstorm on talent options.
  • Choose the best tactic in an emergency scenario when the time is of the essence.
  • Anything else you want to bring to our attention.

We value the power of knowledge. And we value arming agencies with the power to execute traditional broadcast tactics, so that you succeed in your career, win business and keep current clients elated with the results. We hope this non-pressure format will provide the outlet to inquire and to grow as a PR professional.

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