Did you watch all the Super Bowl commercials on television? So did I. I noticed a lot of brands invested upwards of $5 million for a 30-second spot. Why?

TV works.

What were 100 million viewers talking about on Monday? That dog of a 13-3 game, or the LOL spot Hyundai presented, the one featuring a couple going down a Jason Bateman-piloted elevator past root canals, the middle seat, and “the talk” to shop for a car?

There you go.

Television remains an influential medium, one that moves and motivates audiences. Yes, the Super Bowl attracts viewers, but Hyundai and many other companies rely on television to reach consumers year-round. Amazon, for example, will spend close to $700 million on TV advertising in 2019.

Likewise, other Super Bowl advertisers including Budweiser, Olay, Mercedes-Benz, Stella Artois, M&M’s, Mr. Peanut, Michelob, Bumble, Pringles, Toyota, Kia and La Croix.

Here’s what savvy brand managers are asking public relations execs: I’m selling a consumer product on TV and radio. Where’s the broadcast publicity? If digital is the best way to reach mass audiences, why did I spend millions on television not to mention radio?

It’s a legitimate question, one I heard years ago from a client who thought our agency was doing a fine job garnering coverage for his brand in the print media (no social media back then) and asked how we could generate more TV coverage since the brand invested millions on broadcast. It’s a question that ultimately led me to launching my company 33 years ago.

Today, there are a host of broadcast tactics available to PR pros. There’s the tried and true in-market media tour, but also satellite and internet media tours, radio media tours, video news releases, and paid integrations. We deliver these and a lot more for a number of leading brands including Expedia, Coca-Cola, Hilton and many others.

Many agency media strategists, especially those at boutiques, may have the mistaken impression that broadcast publicity tactics are prohibitively expensive. That is not the case, however. Effective, low cost tactics are available that can fit most any budget.

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