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As public relations agencies become increasingly focused on digital communications, traditional tactics are sometimes overlooked, especially where the broadcast media is concerned. Yet, they have a relevant place in the marketing mix, and some of the most innovative, dynamic agencies and brands we work with include robust broadcast tactics when crafting their communications strategies.

Turn on your television and look at how many top brands continue to buy advertising on networks and local market stations. If brand management thought television had no value, they wouldn’t spend their money on it. The same can be said for radio advertising. It stands to reason, then, that many strategists should consider integrating broadcast tactics into their agencies’ digital efforts.

Thirty years ago, our company produced and distributed video news releases (VNRs). We created engaging stories about all kinds of brands and then offered them free to TV news producers. Of course, this predates the internet, a time when television was a dominant medium. But VNRs remain an important tactic today because the common denominator is video, and video is king where most digital tactics are concerned.

With well-produced video, you tell a visual story to digital and broadcast audiences. While VNRs don’t look much like what we used to do, they remain an important tool. There is one constant for earned placement: The video can’t be a commercial. It must contain useful, well-developed information within which the brand is be presented.

Satellite media tours are another tried and true tactic that have evolved and adapted to the digital age. Back in the day, we booked local market television news producers looking for good content. We still produce these, however, many times we also engage digital platforms such as web sites, bloggers, influencers and so on, targeting the outlet that best fits the client’s audience.

Radio is another media platform that sometimes gets short shrift when digital strategists plan their tactics. Yet, radio is pervasive, and a medium that targets specific audiences because programming is nearly always tailored to a particular demographic.

There are radio networks and stations in every major and secondary market producing “morning zoos,” sports talk, news programs, business, lifestyle and politics shows, and a lot more. Producers are hungry for content and can be targeted with interviews or pre-packaged radio news releases that fit the program format. Often, the content is also posted to the outlet’s web site and shared among listeners.

Most digital strategists have embraced the PESO model. So have we…in a big way. After airing for 13 years on CW network and then going dark for two years, we resurrected The Daily Buzz, a popular entertainment and lifestyle program that integrates paid publicity content into the program in interesting, entertaining ways.

Just as important, we re-launched the Buzz’s social media platforms, which attracts more than 3 million monthly views. The Buzz airs in every TV market in America Thursdays on CBS-owned POP TV at 8:30 AM, when viewers are actually watching. We can guarantee your client’s brand will appear on the show and live on the Buzz social platforms.

For many brands, we combine all of the above tactics to deliver optimum broadcast and digital results that matter.

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