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The Daily Buzz™ is one of the fastest growing digital destinations for the culturally obsessed – young adults who love celebrities, entertainment news, lifestyle news, and brand integrations.

Digital PR professionals take the guesswork out of their strategies by adding the Buzz to the mix. The Buzz emphasizes and amplifies reach, clicks, and views and ensure brands engage with our audience how, when and where it matters most.

So why The Daily Buzz?

  1. We are #1 in engagement. The Daily Buzz™ offers the deepest engagement with users across our social platforms with an average over 6 million post engagements and 300,000 video views per month!
  2. The Daily Buzz™ digital group’s content delivers the inside scoop to over 100,000 visitors monthly and with a reach of over 21 million, The Daily Buzz™ is a trusted source that sparks conversations about pop culture around the country.
  3. The Daily Buzz™ has 85% new visitors to our website monthly. In just under one year, our combined social platforms have grown over 140,000 total fans.  The Daily Buzz™ is one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms, averaging 6,000 new Facebook fans per month.
  4. Our YouTube Channel receives over 100,000 total minutes viewed per month and is averaging 136% increase in total video consumption.
  5. We have a focused audience. 60% of our visitors are female and 70% of them are aged 18-45. Perfect for your targeted tailored demographic.
  6. We optimize beyond our fan base and your content comes from an editorial source.
  7. We deliver low-cost, high-impact results.

KEF Media has rebuilt and amplified The Daily Buzz™ social media platforms on which client content is placed. Imagine the brand exposure for your client.

If you are culturally obsessed, we are the brand for you!

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