If you’re using your digital platforms to market your company, your goal should be to reach the audience most interested in the services you’re selling. For many professionals, LinkedIn is the go-to tool that will play a huge part for your online marketing campaign. With a LinkedIn message drip campaign, you can connect with professionals who fit your target demographic and who can potentially bring business your way.

Search by Keyword

Create a list of keywords of professionals you are looking to connect with. These keywords can be job titles, industry specialties, or just general terms that someone with the qualifications you’re looking for might mention in their professional description.

A Compelling Message

Draft a message that you will send out with your connection request. You only get one chance to grab them so include a brief statement about who you are, your business, and why are you reaching out to connect with them. At the end the message, be sure to conclude with a clear call to action (CTA) for the recipient. For example, “Contact me today to learn more about how we can help make you more successful.”

Request a Connection

Use your industry keywords to find the users you would like to message on LinkedIn. Often times, your “second connections” are LinkedIn users who are connected to someone else you know on the platform or within your industry. By requesting these second connections, the LinkedIn member is more likely to accept your request.

You can follow these simple steps to find and  connect with individuals interested in your business and could be an asset to your brand.

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