One of the highest compliments I ever received was when the vice president of a major public relations firm said KEF Media is “the agency’s agency.”

In three words, the VP described the kind of service we deliver to the firms with which we work.

Here’s why: I was once a VP with a major PR agency. Like many VPs and account supervisors, I hired ineffective vendors who compounded my problems rather than help me solve them so I understood the debilitating effect that could have on the service I was trying to deliver.

When I launched KEF Media almost 32 years ago, my goal was to help agency and corporate PR pros solve the sort of problems I encountered during my years in the agency business running consumer accounts, most notably, results that matter.

At the end of the day, your clients don’t want to hear that you’re “trying” or that the media results will be “coming soon.” In few other industries is the question “what have you done for me today?” more common.

Having heard that question from my clients when I worked in agencies, I understood they weren’t spending their money for effort. They were spending it because they expect substantial, quality media results.

Everything we do at KEF Media is about optimizing those results, be they broadcast or digital or paid, earned, shared or owned. In doing business this way, we become your agency’s partner and not merely a vendor.

This approach has helped us develop decades-long partnerships with PR professionals who know how committed we are to delivering what they need to help reinforce and grow their client relationships.

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