The TV landscape has changed, as most PR pros know. “Appointment viewing” is dying. Local television news has morphed into community calendars with newscasters directing viewers to their web sites for more. Local TV news advertisers are car dealers, PI lawyers, and trade schools. Take a look at who advertises on network newscasts: cancer medications, ED treatments, and diabetes medicines. That’s the audience.

We trademarked The Daily Buzz because it represents the future of television viewing for the audience our clients want to reach – the sweet spot: women and men, 18-34.

The Daily Buzz airs on Pop TV, which is owned by CBS, the most watched network in America. Pop is designed for fans. So is The Daily Buzz. Pop is carried on multiple cable and dish systems in every TV market in the United States at 8:30AM Eastern every Thursday alongside other popular cable channels. You can invite your clients to tune in and see their segment air.

Pop is also promoting The Daily Buzz throughout its broadcast day. We  promote The Daily Buzz and the clients appearing on it on our social media platforms. We have a cross-promotion set up with PureWow, a major web site catering to young women. We also place client content on the web sites of more than 150 local market TV stations generating 25 million UVM.

We are confident in our model because it answers the question our clients ask: who are we reaching?

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