When your tanker spills a million gallons of oil in the Bering Sea, you’re going to need to hire a crisis public relations consultant. But when your husband of 10 years has been a notorious sexual predator for decades and accusations of his innumerable assaults finally go public, you just need a new husband.

Georgina Chapman, Harvey Weinstein’s 41-year-old wife, is “actively looking for crisis PR” council in the wake of the movie mogul’s epic fall from the highest ranks of Hollywood’s elite. According to US Weekly, Chapman is worried about what the unfolding scandal will do to her luxury fashion brand, Marchesa.

The actress knew what she was getting into when she wed Weinstein at age 31. His deplorable reputation went back to at least 1980 and is part of the continuum of Hollywood big shots pressuring beautiful young women vying for breakthrough movie roles to engage in “close personal relationships,” as hirsute Harvey liked to put it to the ingénues.

Maureen Dowd wrote a masterpiece in the New York Times on October 14 detailing how monsters like Weinstein are part of a long line of motion picture powerbrokers who used their positions to exploit and abuse women, and even under aged girls.

Dowd recounts the story of how 1930s child star Shirley Temple, then just 11, met with an MGM producer who exposed himself to her.

“Not for nothing was the MGM lot known as the ‘factory,’ a studio perfumed with sultry, busty creatures with long legs and tight haunches,” Temple wrote in her autobiography, “and more than its quota of lecherous older men.”

Now the horse is out of the barn – probably a bad analogy here – Weinstein’s likely done in Hollywood. At 65, a re-boot probably won’t happen and he’ll be lucky if the company he started, Miramax, survives.

Meantime, Chapman will be okay. She just needs to lay low, dump the low life, and get the biggest settlement she can.

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