Local television newscasts remain fertile ground for your client’s messaging. Contrary to the popular misperception, viewership of local newscasts hasn’t crashed as evidenced by a survey of the 2015 industry conducted by Pew Research, the most recent figures available.

“The 833 news-producing stations – stations that have a news director and are viable, commercial and English-language – took in $15.8 billion in total over-the-air ad revenue,” reported Pew. In addition, the share of local TV revenue generated by news programming has increased each of the last five years.

Clearly, advertisers believe in local TV newscasts, as well they should. Local market newscasts are one of the very few ways affiliates connect with the communities they serve. This is why local TV stations devote more than five hours to newscasts every day. And newsroom staffs are growing modestly as are the salaries for reporters, producers, news directors and others.

While early and late night newscast viewership has declined, morning newscast audiences have remained stable, says Pew, with daily viewership of all ABC, NBC and CBS local affiliate newscasts at about 12 million on average. As it happens, morning newscasts have traditionally been the most receptive to sponsored news content.

It is true viewers of local TV newscasts tend to skew older viewers while younger viewers gravitate to the Internet for their news. However, local TV newscasts drive viewers to their web sites where they feature expanded coverage, another excellent platform for your client’s messaging.

There are a number of ways your client can capitalize on local television newscasts.

More…In A Minute (MIAM) Placements:  The MIAM tactic is a paid, scripted and narrated 60-second news package featuring your message, front and center. The segment is placed in any market choosen, including the Top 10, because airtime is purchased adjacent to local newscasts

Media Tours: A Satellite Media TourIntegrated TourGuaranteed Market Tour are all viable media tour options to reach local television audience. An Integrated Tour includes paid segments to ensure enough TV interviews are combined with other media placements like an ANR and online stories. A Guaranteed Market Tour is largely More…In a Minute placements combined with an ANR and Daytime airing.

Satellite Media Tours embeds your spokesperson and message on television newscasts in target markets across the U.S. or around the world using satellite and Internet technologies.

Media Days: Sometimes your spokesperson or topic carries enough allure that the best thing to consider is a Customized Media Day that incorporates in-studio possibilities, junkets, and all broadcast tactics rolled into one. If not a full media day with your messaging alone, a Shared Media Day offers a cost savings by partnering with brands to share the date, production resources and sometimes the spokesperson.

B-roll Campaigns: If your project features compelling visuals, B-roll footage is a way to offer television news producers who can incorporate the tape into newscasts.

Despite the rise in digital readership and viewership, these traditional television audiences are needed.

“The question of local TV’s future in a digital era has not gone away as the industry remains strategically focused on its traditional viewing platform, where its core audience is largely still found,” says Pew.

That core audience is no doubt important to your client.

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