Broken down simply in this piece, “Why SEO firms are a dying industry and PR is the future of rank,” Google no longer looks at press releases and paid backlinks as credible attributes to determine search rank. Instead, mentions of your client’s brand on news outlets, bloggers and other credible online content providers hold greater value.

And what other factor does Google consider high in their algorithm? We’ve all heard it plenty.

Yes, quality content.

Quality content is the new “backlink.” – If you are trying to increase the ranking of your website, it goes back to the TV cliché, content is King. The producers and creators of original and high quality content will receive a higher placement from Google.

And, by the way, Google loves audio and video.

You represent top-notch clients already. You understand the concept of producing high-quality content for them. The digital assets that result from a satellite media tour with 20+ television interviews (or an internet media tour with online print interviews) can be dynamic, unique and fresh pieces of potential SEO nuggets.

Repurpose your traditional broadcast content to create quality online content.

How do you convert broadcast publicity into SEO Gold? With something we call P.A.S.T. – an acronym for the conversion steps.

At KEF Media, we will do it for you. Just contact us or call to find out how you can get the most digital juice from your traditional media results!

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