Do you automatically toss a co-op or standalone satellite media tour into your annual holiday PR plans? Have results been lacking? Before you sign another SMT agreement, check out a few key things we’ve learned over the years about successful holiday satellite media tours. Consider them an early holiday gift from us to you.

1. Don’t share the stage – Yes, co-op satellite media tours allow you to get television exposure for the fraction of the cost of an ad or standalone SMT. But you’re also agreeing to share the stage with 3, 5 or even 10 other brands and products. What does that mean? It means you might get 15 seconds of air time, which doesn’t give you a snowball’s chance in…well, you know…of getting a quality message delivered to viewers. So unless your product is larger-than-life and stands out like a neon sign, try to find the money for a standalone tactic. If you can’t afford a full SMT, try a Guaranteed Market Tour or “More…In a Minute” campaign. Trust us. You’ll be a lot happier with the results and air checks you show your client.

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2. Go early in the season – Whatever media tactic you choose, timing is critical. Make sure your execution takes place as early in the season as possible. If you’re doing a Thanksgiving SMT or even a “More… In a Minute campaign, aim for the first or second week in November; same for Christmas. Here’s the reason: There will be a zillion holiday tours pitched to stations on everything from entertaining and décor to last-minute gifts and holiday health tips. And with most stations opting to tape lighter lifestyle interviews, you want to ensure your segment allows viewers enough time to make that call to action. And if you’re aiming for online coverage, it’s even more imperative to get in editors’ and producers’ queues early. The competition for coverage will be fierce.

3. Optimize visuals – Stations always want the strongest visual content they can get from a satellite media tour, and that’s more important than ever during the holiday season. What does that mean? It means live demos of your client’s toy products, on-air cooking and prep for entertaining segments, real-home settings for décor stories and even models for fashion pieces. The holidays are exciting and magical. They should be on TV as well. If you think your plans are over the top, they’re probably perfect.

If you adhere to these three points, you’re bound to make this a pleasant holiday season for all involved.

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