Our motto is to deliver media results that matter because, let’s face it, it’s what you expect. Producing a report detailing the reach of your media tour is the most important deliverable we can provide. At the conclusion of a media tour, our team compiles a cumulative report featuring all placements to date.

The media delivers the news in a 24-7 cycle, requiring a thorough monitoring approach and a focus to stay on top of stations for air checks and online postings. Reporting has come a long way since the times of VHS recordings and beta-tapes. In a digital age, this blended media landscape adds a layer of complexity to tracking. Reports are issued initially and almost always adjusted as new results come to light, sometimes well after your media tour concludes.

Audience figures are based on the program and the segment time in which your interview airs. For example, our formula may show a low audience figure in a top-five market, but our analysis includes more factors such as that particular’s station’s audience and time and date of your segment airing. Take, for instance, the example of a report below where we estimated an audience figure in Philadelphia less than viewers in the Raleigh-Durham market.


We also take into account the duration of your interview to provide not just a wide-range or estimate of the audience who could have seen your interview but an accurate portrayal of the audience who more than likely saw it.

Why do this? It’s more accurate and provides realistic figures to convey a transparent snapshot of your audience. But what if you, for instance, demand a report solely based on the potential reach by market size? Then, surely, we can provide those statistics to support whatever your needs may be.

The advertising value of your interviews are computed by multiplying the total running time of your interview by the estimated cost of a one-time, 30 second spot buy during the half hour. These ad values also take into account on which station your interview runs, at what time and in what market.

If your campaign includes an internet, integrated or customized tour, web reporting is represented by unique visitors monthly (UVM) traffic for each site’s homepage.



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