In the prior post, I wrote about some of the takeaways from PRSA Georgia’s Annual Media Day. In it, I absorbed some first-hand tips to pitch the media and develop relationships that lead to quality earned bookings. This got me thinking about what happens next.

At KEF Media, we offer a variety of tactics to our clients. So if you are considering a media tour, it’s important to keep these four items in mind after an interview has been pitched and booked:

  1. Plan on taped interviews
    • Even during my time as a major market media personality, I saw this shift happen from live interviews to live to tape. It offers more control to the media outlet as you’ll see below. Usually, the only exceptions are interviews based on breaking news or if the talent is an A-lister.
  2. Breaking news will bump you
    • If you were at the PRSA Georgia luncheon, this will come as no big surprise. News is always the priority. However, sometimes major breaking news can impact a media tour. This is where taping can especially be a good thing. Because many segments are taped outside the live show window, you don’t risk the drop of as many interviews if a major news event breaks.
  3. Heavy set branding can cost you an interview
    • In general, the media prefers subtle visual branding during a TV interview. Over the top signage can cause a drop the day of a satellite media tour because the producers of upcoming segments will monitor the feed. If the branding is excessive, expect a few interviews to “fall off”. Producers will not risk their paychecks for an overly commercial set.
  4. Excessive plugs/mentions can lead to heavy editing or non-airings
    • Again, during an interview most hosts/producers are okay with one plug/mention and potentially one call to action in roughly 3-5 minutes. Anything more than that feels “slimy” to the interviewer. I know. I’ve conducted my fair share of slime in my day. Offer value first to the audience and work hard to find the appropriate place to plug.

If you have any media related questions, feel free to email me at AHinojosa at KEFmedia dot com. Then follow up with a phone call (404) 605-0009– x304.


Alex Hinojosa strives to develop and deliver shareable media impressions. Cut through the clutter and create memorable content with the potential to go viral! That was his mantra during his nearly two decades as a broadcaster for CBS Radio, iHeartMedia and ESPN Radio in major markets like Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; and Tampa, FL during the emergence of digital media. Alex has been featured in the NY Post, PR Daily and numerous other publications. Previous to joining KEF Media, he was WFLA (NBC) News Channel 8’s on-air Social Media Expert in Tampa Bay on afternoon and evening newscasts. The Dallas, Texas native graduated from Texas Tech University.
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