What ingredients are necessary to produce and execute successful media tours? When presented with premiere talent, perfect timing, great topics and a tremendous team effort chances are you’ll revel in the results. All the stars aligned last week when KEF Media delivered resounding successes because many of these key elements were included. Let’s take a closer look at these four necessary to pull off multiple successful campaigns in a short span.


No one is more synonymous with U.S. Soccer than Landon Donovan. Donovan was made available because Kethum’s client Liberty Mutual Insurance became the newest sponsor of the U.S. Soccer Federation. On his tour last week, the former captain of the USMNT discussed one of America’s fastest growing sports, commented on his life after retirement and looked ahead to the USA/Mexico friendly that evening. Outlets like ESPN’s SportsCenter, Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports 1 and others jumped to interview the retired soccer star.

Even local broadcast media took advantage of the opportunity to speak with Donovan, and many-even those in the media-didn’t shy away from sharing the news.


Similarly, NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer sat down with former Special Olympics Athlete turned volleyball official, Kristine Hughes. Bowyer, in conjunction with Golin Harris and Toyota, helped promote this Summer’s Games. Coverage for the tour was thorough and a notable driver in the series initially prompted significant media interest.


Sometimes a good enough cause has enough weight to inspire and produce results, especially when it tugs at our emotions. This was the case for an awareness campaign that had pet owners submit photos of their pooch. Nature’s Variety’s Instinct food brand along with Best Friends Animal Society created the Long Live Pets campaign to raise awareness of the 3 to 4 million domestic animals killed each year in America’s animal shelters.

The goal for the campaign was to collect 9,000 photos, chosen to reflect the number of dogs and cats killed each day because they can’t find a loving home. With the assistance of an effective Satellite Media Tour, pet owners grew aware of the campaign and came to the rescue in droves. The response was overwhelming, surpassing the goal nearly threefold! You can go to LongLivePets.com to see the moving film along with the gallery of all 25,000 photo submissions.


When coordinating a media tour, think in terms of what the media needs and when it’s appropriate. Alerting the media and pitching them at the proper time is one aspect. The other is finalizing the actual time of the tour. Does it make sense to execute a campaign on this day or even this month as opposed to another? Take for example Cohn & Wolfe’s project with Tom’s of Maine and Terracycle. Their call to action is to have families recycle broken toys and send less waste to landfills. Launching the campaign in April Earth Month and during a time families are spring cleaning was the right play.


Of course, none of these campaigns can happen without a unified media team behind the scenes making it all come together. It took a collective and organized force to satisfy both the client and the media.

Last Thursday was also #NationalHighFiveDay, making for a fast-paced and fun week in PR!