Patience, Preserverence Delivers 400 Million Impressions for MFPA

Try to sign an A-list celebrity to help publicize your brand and be prepared for zeroes…lots of zeros on that check you’ll be giving his agent.

But if your client is a cause or backing one, you might just be able to get A-list celbrity support for nothing or almost nothing. What it takes is a little creativity, tenacity and patience.

We’ve worked with the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists for a number of years. This for-profit organziation helps disabled artists by reproducing and selling their incredible work on greeting cards, calendars and so forth (

Pierce Brosnan is known for his big screen acting, but he is also a talented painter and an international celebrity who supports a number worthy causes. Knowing this, we approached Brosnan early last year and asked if Mariam Par, a disabled artist from Naperville, Illinois, and a member of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, could visit his home and present him with a painting she created of Brosnan in his iconic role of James Bond. He readily agreed in return for a $5,000 donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

However, patience was key, because to get on his busy schedule, we had to wait six months. Finally, in early October, Mariam made the trip to Brosnans gorgeous Malibu, California home, where he graciously greeted her and we documented their meeting with video and still cameras. Brosnan offered Par a look at his own works and the two discussed their mutual passion for painting and how it has helped them cope with tragedy in their lives.

The video and still pictures went viral, reaching an audience of over 400 million poeple.

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